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Procedure Time
35 Mins
Recovery Time
  • Increases energy levels
  • Promotes peak performance
  • Ultimate power hit
  • Improves heart health
  • Antioxidant protection
  • Promotion of a balanced, digestive system
  • Improves recovery from physical activity
  • Protection against free radical damage
  • Promotes fat burn

Sodium Chloride 0.9% (250ml), Arginine, Taurine, Glycine, Carnosine, Magnesium DL Hydrogen Aspartate, Pyridoxine, Nicotinamide, Thiamin, Dexpanthenol, Riboflavin 5 Phosphate , Adenosylcobalamin.

We recommend ongoing treatment to maximise results

The ENERGY IV drip is specifically designed for those needing an extra energy boost and will help fight off radical damage and oxidative stress so that you feel better faster. This is catered to those who are looking for an immediate energy boost. It provides sustainable energy lifts for those in training and boosts peak performance.

This infusion contains high levels of Vitamin B and Magnesium, both vital components for improving your energy levels as well as Taurine, one of the most famous energy boosting amino acids. Taurine promotes cardiovascular health, insulin sensitivity, electrolyte balance, hearing function, and immune modulation. Its benefits are so broad and extensive that it has been described as a “wonder molecule”.

A deficiency in magnesium can include fatigue, anxiety and irritability. Magnesium in our ENERGY IV therapy plays several important roles in the health of your body and brain and is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body. Every cell in the body contains magnesium and needs it to function as it supports hundreds of chemical reactions in your body. Boosting exercise performance, lowering blood pressure, anti-inflammatory benefits – these are just some the many benefits this wonder mineral brings.

Along with its many other ingredients this ENERGY IV treatment is ideal for those feeling run-down and needing a pick-me-up to be able to tackle anything thrown at them.

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Thank you for organising today for us, I feel really good and I’d just like to say she was the best doctor I've ever met, her kindness shines out from her. A credit to any company, made it a great experience and the help she provided my partner has changed him today. Thank you.


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Really friendly staff. This is my third time and I have never been disappointed. The staff really know what they are doing. Excellent health and safety.