IM Treatment



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Procedure Time
5 Mins
Recovery Time
  • Energy boost
  • Workout recuperation
  • Fitness enhancement
  • Promotes peak performance and endurance
  • Ultimate power hit
  • Supports synthesis and function of nerve tissue
  • Detoxification, especially of brain tissue
  • Produces energy for cell growth and maintenance
  • Regulates and boosts immune system
  • Promotes anti-aging
  • Maintains cardiovascular health
  • Revival and rejuvenation

We provide you with this intramuscular injection of Methylcobalamin deep into the muscles which have a plentiful supply of blood, allowing the Methylcobalamin to be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly.

We recommend ongoing treatment to maximise results.

This Energy booster will give you the increased energy that you need. Necessary for the health of the nervous, immune and circulatory systems, it stabilises free radicals and stimulates detoxification whilst keeping the body healthy and free from illness. Serious energy boost!

The ENERGY IM is specifically designed for those needing an extra energy boost and will help fight off radical damage and oxidative stress so that you feel better faster. This is catered to those who are looking for an immediate energy boost. It provides sustainable energy lifts for those in training and boosts peak performance.

Along with its many other ingredients this ENERGY IV treatment is ideal for those feeling run-down and needing a pick-me-up to be able to tackle anything thrown at them.

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The customer service I received with this company is second to none. Absolutely brilliant and I love my monthly treatments.

Joanne Taylor

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Another exciting and fun trip to Bespoke Medispa in Chelsea. Not sure what I enjoy most - meeting up with the brilliant staff for a good catch up or the treatments themselves!