Return Client

I travel regularly all over the world and always look to rehydrate quickly along with receiving an energy boost. I spend 45 minutes in the Knightsbridge clinic and leave feeling refreshed and revived.

Return Client

Dr. Emmett makes you feel so relaxed and in safe hands. I come for treatments mainly after a big weekend and it sorts me out for the week ahead. It really is a life saver!

Anthea Turner
TV personality and presenter

I have learnt so much about the importance of hydration since meeting Beth and Seb not only to maintain and protect the quality of my skin but my general health. They are dedicated to their message of fitness and wellbeing and I always feel safe and informed in their company.

Gavin Ramjaun
TV presenter and correspondent

Had an absolutely amazing experience at Bespoke Medispa - had their premium IV treatment and felt instantly reinvigorated, refreshed and prepared to weather a hectic period of intense work. Beth, who runs the clinic, was utterly brilliant - superb friendly service and aftercare! I couldn't recommend them more.

Gemma Gregory
Made in Chelsea

As a full-time mom who also works hard, to allow me some time at Bespoke Medispa is a treat! Whenever I am run down I know their IVs will lift me and give me the required lasting boost. Beth and her staff are simply wonderful to be around and make the experience super comfortable and welcoming! I highly recommend Bespoke Medispa.

Goldie Hawn
Actress, director, producer

My son and I really enjoyed our experience with Beth and her staff at Bespoke Medispa. They made us feel very welcome, they were beyond helpful and I will continue to go back to them whenever I am in London. A fantastic experience all round.

Helen Hand
Make up artist and beauty expert for the stars

I love getting my IV nutrient treatments at Bespoke Medispa. It's a very simple and painless procedure carried out in a very relaxing and comfortable environment. I enjoy good health and my body feels at its best for weeks after having these vitamin and anti-oxidant boosts. I love the staff who have always treated me so very kindly and whom I now call my very good friends.

New Customer

I went for my first visit today, and I must say, the service I received exceeded every expectation I had. I was feeling under the weather and needing something to help with my recovery. Bespoke Medispa's wonderful doctor was incredibly helpful and gave me an IV. I then sat back in a nice chair/lounger, was wrapped in a nice comfy blanket and watched some TV as I was served tea and chilled sparkling water. I will definitely be returning soon!

Jessica H
Recent Customer

The only way to keep up with my busy lifestyle and burning the candle at both ends is seeing the amazing staff at Bespoke Medispa for my weekly boosters to keep me healthy and full of energy. It’s changed my life!

Kristina Rihanoff
Strictly come Dancing

My partner and I are not only full time parents but we have full time jobs so get run down and dehydrated. We both decided to get an IV and IM booster from Bespoke Medispa and the experience was amazing. Beth and her staff were wonderful and made us feel so welcome. My partner and I felt amazing for the rest of the week, full of energy. We highly recommend this to anyone who wants a quality wellness treatment in a relaxing, private clinic.

Lizzie Cundy
TV presenter and mother

With my radio show and hectic lifestyle I am on the go 24/7! There is nothing better than relaxing at Bespoke Medispa and getting all the vitamins and nutrients I need to keep me going. The staff are lovely and always so accommodating - exactly what I need to rejuvenate and chill. I would absolutely recommend to anyone and always do.

Recent Customer

The IV therapies and IM booster shots on offer at Bespoke Medispa make a real difference to the way I feel. Carried out in a luxurious, private setting and in the safe hands of Beth and her brilliant medical staff you will not be disappointed. Highly recommended to anyone looking for that wellness boost.

Sunny Patel
Recent Customer

Like all business executives and business leaders, global travel is inevitable which results in long, business hours, timezone changes affecting rest periods and dietary requirements not always being met. Having the IV treatments at Bespoke Medispa helps address the primary areas of hydration, supporting boosting of the immune system and providing energy to ensure that I’m always performing at my best in work and play.


Anna is great at putting new clients at ease. That's what she is good at, especially for me or clients that are unfamiliar or nervous at first! I have been twice and will continue to come back