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Bespoke Medispa London

How it works

IV and IM Injections London

1. Choose an IV Treatment

At Bespoke Medispa we have a selection of IV treatments and IM booster shots for you. If you are still undecided call us or come into our private clinic where one of our medical staff will advise you accordingly.

Free IV & IM Therapy Consultation London

2. Free Consultation

Our experienced and friendly medical staff will conduct a quick yet thorough history and examination. One of our doctors will be consulted and give the immediate approval to start the therapy, where appropriate.

IV and IM Therapy London

3. Commence IV Therapy

We provide you with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and other key nutrients which will be delivered immediately into your blood giving you the hydration, energy and fuel for optimal function.

Bespoke Medispa London

why bespoke medispa?

more potent

You receive maximum potency as our IV treatments and IM boosters are delivered directly into your bloodstream.

fast delivery

Our IV therapies take approximately 45-60 mins whilst our IM boosters take just seconds to administer. Effects can often be felt immediately and the benefits can last for weeks, although results do vary.

Supports health

With the right mixture of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, our IV treatments and IM booster shots help rebalance your body and support optimal health.

medical concierge

We provide outcall concierge IV therapies and vitamin booster shots to clients in the convenience of their own home, office or other location.