Bespoke Medispa London

COVID & other Blood Testing

The Bespoke Medispa team can carry out a range of screening and diagnostic blood tests which can be performed at the same time as an IV infusion for your convenience. You can browse our full range of private blood tests offered in London below and book online. We will provide you with a GP report and can arrange a GP consultation or bespoke treatment as required.

We offer a range of postal and in-person COVID-19 testing options, suitable for pre-travel and general testing.

Bespoke Medispa London

How it works

IV and IM Injections London

1. Choose a Treatment

At Bespoke Medispa we have a selection of blood tests and COVID tests for you. If you are still undecided call us on (+44) 07912 102070, (+44) 07866 921632 or contact us at and we will advise you accordingly.

Free IV & IM Therapy Consultation London

2. Free Consultation

Our experienced and friendly medical staff will conduct a quick yet thorough history and examination. One of our doctors will be consulted and give the immediate approval to start the therapy, where appropriate.

IV and IM Therapy London

3. Commence Treatment

Our trained and certified medical staff will carry our your treatment and help you any medical concerns or questions you may have.