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Why IV Vitamin Drips?

September 6, 2019

Vitamin IV drips have a whole range of benefits depending on which particular IV injection the client opts to have which can range from basic hydration to anti-ageing, boosting sports performance to promoting weight-loss, detoxification and much more. Firstly by IV route they deliver 100% of the fluid, vitamins, electrolytes and active ingredients directly into the bloodstream, far more effectively than through pills alone. IV therapy allows for better absorption of higher dosages of targeted supplements and faster delivery to the cells throughout your body. And as many vitamin supplements are not well absorbed orally by the body we, at Bespoke Medispa, choose to deliver large doses of the essential nutrients via IV therapy in a safe and comfortable environment.  

Vitamin drips have been heavily promoted by celebrities all around the world who swear by their benefits and consequently IV therapy has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. We no longer live in an ideal world with health balanced diets and perfect lifestyles and IV drips allow for that quick fix that most of us are in need of. The recent growth in the supplements market clearly shows that people in general are not eating balanced meals to keep their bodies at optimum level nor drinking enough water to maintain hydration. It also comes as no surprise that in hospitals it is common after any operation or procedure that IV drips are used to hydrate patients and to deliver essential nutrients into the body in the quickest possible manner. The vitamin infusion therapy industry may not yet have convinced everybody but is growing rapidly.

Bespoke Medispa is a bespoke wellness clinic that enhances the wellbeing of clients through natural and effective intravenous (IV) therapy. We offer approximately 10 different IV vitamin infusions which have been tailored to the needs of our clients in order to rehydrate, recharge and rejuvenate them whilst sustaining long-term wellbeing. At Bespoke Medispa all our IV infusions have been thoroughly researched and developed by a team of leading medical doctors and nutritionists, and have been created to ensure maximum effectiveness. All of our dripscontain vitamins which by definition are essential nutrients that our own bodies cannot produce by themselves.

We offer a wide variety of therapies which through their mode of delivery and action are beneficial for overall well-being and fitness ,the provision of increased energy and rapid and thorough hydration. One of the best kept secrets by qualified doctors who have been using intravenous therapies themselves on the quiet for years, intravenous vitamin therapy offers faster natural recovery from exercise,  training and sporting performance as well as speedier recovery from gastroenteritis, food poisoning, tummy bugs and traveller’s diarrhoea. Devotees of the treatment swear by its quick restoration of the feel-good factor after lifestyle excesses, inadequate sleep or excessive daytime stress.

So simple to administer and enjoy in relaxing surroundings or even in a group, this is why it’s become so popular with everyone including celebrities, sportspeople, business people, shiftworkers and holidaymakers. In a very private, medispa setting we ensure our clients are comfortable, relaxed and enjoy our treatments which we feel are the best in the market having compared to others.

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